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Whole shower room wholesale

Whole shower room wholesale

Product Details

The overall shower room has top spray and bottom spray, and an automatic cleaning function is added. It consists of three parts: sauna system, shower system, and physiotherapy massage system.

The sauna system mainly emits steam through the independent steam hole at the bottom of the shower room. The physiotherapy massage system mainly produces water through acupuncture massage holes on the wall of the shower room, and massages the human body under the pressure of water. Generally, a single shower room has about 12 massage holes, and a double shower room can reach 16 massage holes. These are the basic functions of the shower room. The functions of the conventional shower room mainly include electronic exhaust, rain shower, answering the phone, oxygenation, sterilization, and foot massage. In addition to the above functions, the multifunctional computer shower room can also listen to radio broadcasts or enjoy CDs or answer calls while in the sauna.

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