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Prefabricated toilet wholesale

Prefabricated toilet wholesale

Product Details

The prefabricated toilet is formed by the factory at one time, and then assembled on site, a fast, convenient and comfortable toilet product. The prefabricated bathroom is small and exquisite, does not leak, has complete functions and saves bathroom area, and does not need to install a bathroom heater, which is very clean, which is conducive to cleaning the bathroom.

The reason why prefabricated toilets are different from traditional bathrooms is mainly reflected in the fact that traditional bathrooms are decorated and assembled by masons in a distributed manner. Floor tiles, tiles, ceilings, sinks, sanitary ware, toilets, etc. are purchased separately and then assembled in together. Traditional bathroom needs to be waterproofed on the ground before decoration. If the waterproofing is not in place, water seepage and water leakage will occur, and the joint of ground construction and equipment installation will leave sanitary corners, etc., and a lot of bacteria and mold will grow over time. The prefabricated bathroom does not need to be tiled, and does not need to be a waterproof bathroom. The floor, wall, ceiling, door of the bathroom as well as the toilet, basin, faucet, and hardware inside the bathroom are all completed in the factory.

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