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Fabricated toilet wholesale

Fabricated toilet wholesale

Product Details

The prefabricated bathroom consists of dozens of bathing areas, chassis, ceilings, toilets, washstands, makeup mirrors, mixing valves, towel racks, bath towel racks, shower curtains, tissue boxes, low-noise ventilators, waterproof soft lights, sliding doors, etc. Piece composition.

1. Non-leakage one-piece waterproof chassis, waterproof reverse edge and flowing water slope design, no leakage risks;

2. The structure is firm and stable and separate and independent from the building frame, realizing good load-bearing support;

3. High surface strength The surfaces of SMC and HCM have high surface strength, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning;

4. The base does not need to be waterproofed, it has a flowing water slope, and the actual installation level can be adjusted without waterproofing;

5. SMC products have high density, smooth surface, no micropores, easy to clean, will not contain dirt, and can effectively inhibit bacterial growth.

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