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Prefabricated toilet price

Prefabricated toilet price

Product Details

1. The whole trinity

Prefabricated toilet, Using aviation material SMC as the main frame material, integrated design and standardized production of precision numerical control equipment, it is an overall household equipment that integrates the three functions of bathing, washing, toileting and supporting facilities such as water supply system, drainage system and circuit system.

2. Assembled toilets like designing cars

Joint research and development by experts in the fields of ergonomics, architecture, industry, molds, materials, aesthetics, etc., taking into account the functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom.

3. Produce prefabricated toilets like cars

All components are prefabricated in the factory, and the bathroom body uses a large thousand-ton CNC press and precision steel molds to achieve standardized and industrialized production to ensure high quality and no defective products.

4. Assemble the bathroom like building blocks

The standardized and standardized high-efficiency assembly method replaces the traditional decoration method with cumbersome procedures and unstable quality. It is installed within 4 hours and is ready to use.