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Fabricated toilet manufacturers

Fabricated toilet manufacturers

Product Details

1. The main body of the prefabricated toilet is a light-weight steel frame, which adopts high-strength bolt connection to ensure the safety and stability of the overall structure.

2. Enclosure walls and ceilings are made of high-strength concrete standard plates made of polymer foamed cement to ensure the overall thermal insulation, energy saving, earthquake resistance and safety performance of the building.

3. The toilet is placed indoors with integral equipment, and is equipped with a water supply and drainage system. At the same time, it can also choose to add a fresh air system, a floor heating system, a solar energy system, and sewage treatment facilities to meet the different needs of users for living comfort.

4. The prefabricated bathroom construction period from design to decoration is 1 month, which is at least 2 months shorter than ordinary housing, which greatly shortens the staying time of residents.

5. The cost is basically the same as that of the traditional structure bathroom, and the comfort and functionality have been greatly improved.

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