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Prefabricated toilet price

Prefabricated toilet price

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Introduction to the advantages of prefabricated toilets

1,Prefabricated toiletThe walls, floors, and ceilings are all made of SMC aviation resin materials and HCM Regent composite decorative panels. Modern bathroom products such as computer steam rooms and massage bathtubs are also used. They are environmentally friendly and do not need to be tiled.

2. The excellent antibacterial performance of prefabricated toilets can protect people's health.

3. The prefabricated bathroom adopts professional waterproof chassis, which can solve the leakage problem of the bathroom.

4. The prefabricated toilet is easy to clean, and it can be as bright as new after flushing with water. It is very easy to clean.

5. The prefabricated integral toilet adopts dry construction, which is simple and quick, and is assembled on site, which improves efficiency and effectively shortens the construction period. Environmental protection materials reach tableware level. During the production and assembly process, it does not pollute the environment and generate no construction waste.