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Prefabricated toilet manufacturers

Prefabricated toilet manufacturers

Product Details

The frames of prefabricated toilets are mostly made of HCM/SMC composite materials, which have the advantages of compact material, smooth surface, thermal insulation, anti-aging and long service life.

Introduction of materials and materials used in factory prefabricated toilets

1. Waterproof chassis

The bottom plate-shaped member of the integral bathroom with waterproof and anti-leakage functions.


A sheet-like composite composed of thickened resin, chopped glass fiber reinforced materials, fillers, additives and other materials, and the upper and lower sides are covered with a supporting film. It can be used to make finished toilets and waterproof trays, ceilings and wall panels of finished toilets.

3.HCM Lijing composite decorative board

It is a composite material with a sandwich structure, which is composed of two layers of PVC coated metal plates through an adhesive and rock wool. It can be used for the wall and ceiling of finished toilets or finished toilets.

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