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One bathroom wholesale

One bathroom wholesale

Product Details

1. No tiles or environmentally friendly materials

Ceramic tiles are used on the walls and floors of traditional bathrooms. The ceramic tiles contain radioactive substances-radon. "Radon" is one of the causes of lung cancer.

The wall, floor and ceiling of the integrated bathroom are all made of SMC/HCM Regent composite board composite material. The SMC/HCM Regent composite board material is non-radioactive and is widely used in aviation, navigation and national defense. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

2. Better antibacterial properties

Due to the material and structure of ceramic tiles, traditional toilets breed a lot of bacteria in the bathroom, which will become healthy over time.

Tested by authoritative institutions, the antibacterial rate of the integrated bathroom reaches 98.24%, and the better antibacterial performance protects your health.

3. Never leak

Water leakage in traditional toilets has been hailed as a cancer of the building. The integrated toilet uses professional waterproof trays to completely eradicate the leakage problem in traditional bathrooms.

4. Overall design, overall service

The various accessories of the traditional bathroom are designed and produced by different manufacturers. It is difficult to coordinate the style of the whole bathroom together, and because of the different manufacturers, the after-sales service is not guaranteed, and the maintenance is troublesome. The integrated bathroom parts are all produced by the same manufacturer and the warranty is convenient. .

The company also produces hospital toilets,Elderly apartment bathroom, Overall bathroom, overall bathroom and other products, welcome to consult.