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One bathroom price

One bathroom price

Product Details

1. Functionality

Designer is doingOne bathroomWhen designing, it will first meet the needs of customers for the overall use function, that is, allocate all the sanitary ware positions in the bathroom and make full use of the space. Due to the integrity of the integrated bathroom product line, when choosing products for customers, designers can fully select suitable products to combine according to customer needs.


The ornamental nature of an integrated bathroom is to have a sense of beauty and design. Through the designer's research on the overall style of the customer's home, as well as the individual needs of the customer, combined with the actual situation, the ideal exterior interior design plan is worked out, and the plan is designed to solve the problem that the bathroom is independent of the overall home decoration style.


Customers’ concept of choosing an integrated bathroom is becoming stronger and stronger. Every customer hopes to simplify the cumbersome bathroom space decoration process. From the initial design to maintenance and after-sales, they only deal with one company, which greatly saves customers’ time. The time spent in the bathroom renovation process and reduced the probability of after-sales problems.