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One toilet manufacturer

Product Details

The whole of the integrated bathroom is mainly because its molded chassis is integrated. The integrated bathroom products first include the outer frame structure of the main form of the product such as the top plate, the wall panel, and the waterproof chassis, and then the hardware, sanitary ware, lighting, and water and electricity system inside the bathroom. And other internal components that can meet the functionality of the product; most of the frames are made of HCM/SMC composite materials, which have excellent characteristics such as compact material, smooth surface, thermal insulation, anti-aging and long service life.

1. The main body is light in weight, strong, acid resistant, aging resistant, durable for more than 20 years

2. Turning zero into a trinity, using aerospace materials-SMC as the main frame raw material, integrated design and standardized production with precision numerical control equipment, it integrates the three functions of bathing, washing, toileting, water supply system, drainage system, The overall solution of the circuit system and other supporting facilities.

3. Adopt dry construction, ready to install and use; the whole bathroom adopts dry construction, there is no noise pollution and construction pollution of traditional construction, installation is quick and convenient, two workers can complete the installation in 4 hours, ready to use.

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