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Integrated toilet supply

Integrated toilet supply

Product Details

Model code: BLS1319Y

Model description: Bestum PEC resin fiber interior wall panel + glass exterior wall standard rectangular

The drainage mode of the chassis of this product can also be a solution of direct lower row and side row according to site requirements. Now the products are used in finely-decorated residences, affordable residences, dormitories, hotels, fast-installation rooms, hospitals and other places. The appearance is exquisite, the installation is convenient and fast, and it is well recognized by the market. This product is an entire bathroom that integrates washing, toileting, showering and other supporting facilities. The ground, wall, and ceiling of its products are made of new high-tech materials. The ground uses an integrated waterproof mold chassis. It also has an integrated water inlet and drainage system, which effectively prevents water leakage and water seepage. In addition, the colors of the ground, wall panels and frame can be diversified. The internal supporting facilities are all popular sizes and standards, and the design is reasonable and easy to use.

Zhengbiao Environmental Protection has established sales and after-sales service organizations in major cities in China, Japan, Australia and other places, and has been widely used in industries such as hardcover houses, hotels, and fast-fix houses. The domestic high-end market share has reached more than 80%!