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What are the main effects of the overall bathroom

1. Clean and dry

The whole bathroom has no sanitary corners; the wall, floor, and ceiling materials are dense and clean, and the skin feels warm; it does not accumulate moisture, is dry, does not produce odor, and is particularly easy to clean. Traditional bathrooms have hygienic corners, which are difficult to clean, and harmful bacteria and odors are prone to occur over time. The materials used in traditional bathrooms are radiation and environmentally friendly, which will affect home life and family health over time.

2. Super strong use

The main materials such as the chassis and wall panels of the integral toilet are molded from SMC materials. SMC materials are widely used in the manufacture of carrier rocket inner shells, aircraft cabins and other aerospace fields. Traditional bathroom main materials ceramic tiles and sanitary wares will turn yellow, change color, lose luster, or even crack and mold over time. Phenomenon, super strong after 30 years.

3. Overall forming

The whole toilet chassis and wall panels are high-temperature and high-pressure one-time compression molding (above 2500 tons pressure). The chassis is an integral waterproof plate, which completely eliminates the leakage risk of traditional bathrooms. Traditional bathroom floors are prone to leakage, and walls are also prone to leakage and mildew; the brickwork made by plasterers using traditional craftsmanship methods cannot fundamentally solve the problem of bathroom leakage.

4. Thermal insulation

The main material of SMC has the function of heat insulation and warm skin. Thermal insulation in winter and thermal insulation in summer. Traditional decorative materials have poor heat insulation and heat preservation functions, and heat loss is simple, and heating facilities such as bath heaters are also required.

5. Environmental protection and safety

SMC high-tech environmental protection material, strong, smooth and anti-aging. SMC composite materials are commonly used in the developed regions of Europe and America to make traditional bathroom tiles, or natural marble countertops and other sanitary wares, which are assumed to be of inadequate quality. There may be trace amounts of radiation, and long-term use will inevitably affect the human body.

6. Dry construction

The whole bathroom adopts dry construction method, which can be installed and used immediately, which greatly shortens the construction period.

7, long-lasting use

High-quality integral toilets generally have been used for more than 30 years, with low failure rate and simple service. The development trend of integral toilets in our country; after being introduced to my country from Japan ten years ago, integral toilets have developed rapidly. There are many domestic companies producing integral toilets, and many of the products of well-known enterprises have been sold back to Japan and exported to Western countries. Many domestic residences now use integral toilets, and it has become a trend to choose integral toilets to replace traditional bathrooms with fine decoration of residences.