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Is the use of the overall shower room good?

The integral shower room is actually a relatively closed sanitary unit consisting of shower equipment, shower screen, top cover, and bottom basin. It is a steam-free equipment, and some integral shower rooms will also place a bathtub. Due to its relatively closed nature, it can prevent the entire bathroom from becoming wet due to the shower, which is also the wet and dry partition, which is very helpful for the cleaning of the bathroom. The scale of a household shower room is usually 900㎜*900㎜ or 1000㎜*1000㎜. You can also decide its standard according to the size of your own bathroom. The common shower room styles mainly include vertical angle shower room, one Glyph bath screen, etc.

Whether the overall shower room is good or not can be clearly seen when purchasing. Generally speaking, the raw materials of the shower room are tempered glass, and there will be dark lines on it. Its bottom basin has two choices: high basin and low basin. The price of low basin is relatively cheaper and it is easier to clean. In order to ensure the safety and practicability of use, its sheet thickness should not be less than 2.8mm, and the thickness of about 5mm is more appropriate. In addition, the cost performance of shower rooms of different brands is also different, and the good brand after-sales service system is becoming more and more complete, which can be delivered and installed free of charge.

In addition, the overall cleaning of the shower room should also get everyone's attention. When cleaning the four walls and bottom basin, try to wipe with a soft cloth. If there is some dirt on it, you can use a neutral detergent or alcohol to remove it. If you use the special detergent in the bathroom, you should strictly follow the steps in the instructions.

After reading the above introduction, how do you think the overall shower room is good? In actual use, you should also pay attention to the combination of it and other items, such as the installation of the shower. The load-bearing capacity of the entire wall and the outlet of the water pipe must be considered. Water quantity, so as to really make it convenient for everyone's life.