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The advantages of overall toilets compared with ordinary toilets

The superior point of the whole bathroom

Use special waterproof polyurethane and skeleton, the reinforcing plate and the ceramic tile are formed by the high temperature and high pressure of the press, the integral foaming molding, the mold is produced, and the standard is accurate, the surface is flat, and the strength is high. The bonding strength of each cm2 ceramic tile can reach 0.4-0.7MPa, which can prevent the ceramic tile from falling and play a very good heat preservation and sound insulation effect. The frame is a galvanized square tube with a thickness of 1.2mm or more, with high structural strength and corrosion resistance. The design of the connecting parts takes into account the accuracy of the equipment and the post-repair, and the splicing gap is tight, which effectively eliminates leakage. For wall cabinets and other heavy loads, deepen the design to increase the strength of the wall panels. At the same time, the parts of the equipment in the bathroom can be accurately drilled in the factory, without on-site measurement and hole drilling. Complete the standardization of the whole process of processing and equipment, and use special all-copper sealed water supply connectors to eliminate leakage and save time and worry for repair. The system wall panels can be designed for tiles or marbles of any material.

The superior point of the overall bathroom 2. System waterproof panel system

The chassis fiberglass and ceramic tiles are formed at one time, and the integrated drainage design prevents leakage. The system waterproof plate is made of international brand materials, which are water-resistant, anti-tarnishing, environmentally friendly, low-release and high-strength. The tile surface of the waterproof pan and the drainage pipe are professionally designed to make a uniform slope. The drainage speed is fast, no water retention phenomenon occurs, and it is completely waterproof. The equipment can be used for same layer drainage or interlayer drainage. The bottom is connected with the building structure, and the inside of the waterproof tray is made of 12mm waterproof plywood and a welded integrated steel frame with a thickness of 1.8mm, which makes the pedal feel stable. The use of dedicated floor drain and flange connection has the advantages of odor isolation, anti-clogging, and no toilet overflow or water leakage.

The outstanding point of the whole bathroom. 3. System ceiling (patio)

The bathhouse is made of waterproof grade materials, which can be made into high-gloss or sub-gloss surface, beautiful and ultra-light body, strong design, and can be designed into various forms and equipment light strips. The patio is equipped with an access port for system equipment and repairing of the water and electricity supporting facilities on the ceiling, and can control the straightness, levelness and overall standards of the bathroom, and the surface scratches are easy to repair, and the repair will look like new.

For the integral bathroom, the walls and chassis do not need cement, sand, or tile on site. The wall/chassis/ceiling factory is standardized for production and molding. The entire system uses high-tech composite materials, which are more than 50% lighter than traditional toilets, with higher space utilization and more design. Compared with SMC toilets, the service life is longer, generally up to 30 years.

The overall bathroom is excellent. Four, fully customized, assembled, removable

Fully customized assembly-style bathroom, select fully customized, fabricated design, completely customized design according to customer requirements, to ensure that each customer provides high-quality and comfortable bathroom space. Regardless of whether hotels, guesthouses, apartments, or real estate housing projects, we can customize and design a set of reasonable toilets according to customer needs, which can be applied to different areas, styles, levels, equipment, etc., to greatly meet the needs of customer service. The bathroom can be easily disassembled and assembled to reduce waste.

The overall toilet is excellent. Five, fast equipment, saving time, effort and money

The integral toilet can be disassembled and assembled, which to a large extent reverses the disadvantages of traditional toilets that cannot be disassembled. Regardless of hotels, guesthouses and apartments, they are still real estate projects. Two skilled workers can equip a bathroom in 4 hours, and the time saved by this quick construction is enough to bring considerable benefits to investors.