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What are the precautions for the decoration of the overall bathroom

The overall bathroom decoration is first to be waterproof, and after the waterproof is done, it depends on the sanitary ware equipment. There are also many precautions for sanitary ware equipment in the process of equipment, and there are also many details that need attention and attention, so what are the precautions for common overall bathroom decoration?

What are the details of the overall bathroom equipment and equipment that need to be paid attention to?

1. Details of exhaust fan equipment

You should pay attention to the exhaust fan in the equipment, because the exhaust fan can help the bathroom to avoid moisture trouble, so the equipment exhaust fan should pay attention to the equipment retrograde gate to prevent the humid and turbid air from flowing back.

2. Details of ceiling equipment

Pay attention to the leveling of the ceiling keel of the equipment. The interval error of the keel should be controlled within 1.5 meters of the approved scale. The keel equipment should be inserted in order. The keel, boom and connector should be in the correct position. If there are suspended load-bearing parts, it is necessary Increase the horizontal secondary keel, and the distance between the boom and the end of the main keel shall not exceed 300mm. Large lamps, exhaust fans, etc. should be fixed by keel separately. The custom reminder of the bathroom brand Zhongbo Quanwei assumes that it is placed directly on the aluminum gusset, which is very simple to cause the aluminum gusset to fall, posing a certain hidden danger.

Three, door and window equipment details

The doors and windows of the bathroom must be paid attention to when the equipment is installed. It depends on the position of the door boundary. The equipment should be slightly higher than the inside of the bathroom.

4. Details of washstand equipment

The vanity countertop should be "full body" instead of the one with only one outer rubber shell, because the countertop with only the outer rubber shell cannot be corrected once it is damaged. (To check whether the countertop is "full-body", you can use lights to illuminate it at close intervals from the reverse side. Only the "full-body" countertop can transmit light). Other tips are that we should apply caulk at the joints between the countertop and the washbasin to prevent water from seeping out.

Five, toilet equipment details

The traditional toilet equipment is filled with cement mortar to fix the toilet on the ground. This method has a big disadvantage, that is, once the toilet needs to be reinstalled or the pipeline is severely blocked, the toilet has to be knocked out. To avoid this situation, it is more appropriate to choose a dry construction method, that is, to install the equipment by embedding nylon wall bolts and setting equipment toilet equipment holes. The sanitary ware brand Zhongbo Quanwei customized tips to pay attention to several points when adopting this construction method:

(1) When drilling the toilet equipment hole, be sure to drill according to the orientation shown in the equipment diagram to avoid standard errors.

(2) The nylon wall bolt must be pre-embedded in the ground, and the exposed part of the ground must not be removed because the drilling depth is not enough.

(3) Pay attention to it. If the construction ground is not level, then the ground should be leveled first, and then the bottom of the toilet should be attached to the ground when equipment.