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Why are the whole toilets used in hotels

Overall bathroom concept: the so-called overall bathroom design is an overall bathroom solution that includes the top, bottom, wall and all bathroom facilities. Different from the traditional bathroom, the overall bathroom is a factory-formed one-time, delicate, exquisite, complete function, saves the toilet area, and avoids the use of a bathroom heater, which is very clean and conducive to hygiene. The utilization rate of the overall bathroom in the residence has reached about 80%. The bathroom has the quality of life of the occupants, and the design of the bathroom is no longer a simple combination of a single tile and sanitary ware. As an important way to realize convenient bathroom, integral bathroom has been loved by many customers.

Advantages of the hotel's overall bathroom:

1. It is functional. When designing the overall bathroom design, the designer will first satisfy the customer's needs for the overall use of the function, that is, reasonably select all the sanitary ware in the bathroom and use it fully. Because of the integrity of the overall bathroom product line, when selecting products for customers, designers can fully select more suitable products to combine according to customer needs.

2. To be ornamental and to be satisfied with the ornamentalness of the bathroom is to have a sense of beauty and design. According to the decoration style of the hotel, the designer worked out a more ideal design plan and put it into practice to solve the problem that the bathroom is independent of the overall style of the hotel.

3. Convenience, people's concept of the overall bathroom is getting stronger and stronger. From the initial design to after-sales maintenance of the hotel's overall bathroom, it can save the time spent in the construction of the overall bathroom and reduce the probability of time division problems.

4. Professionalism. After the designer selects the appropriate product, he will directly communicate with the installation constructor. The fixedness and systematization of the team ensures the designer's purpose and customer needs, and greatly improves the overall bathroom construction. quality.