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Share the decoration tips of the whole bathroom

The so-called integrated bathroom design is an integrated bathroom solution that includes the top, bottom, wall and all bathroom equipment. Different from the traditional bathroom, the overall bathroom is a factory-formed one-time molding, exquisite, exquisite, complete function, saving bathroom area, and free of bath heater, very clean, conducive to hygiene. The concept of the integrated bathroom originated from Japan. The integral bathroom is also called integral bathroom, integral bathroom, and system bathroom.

The traditional bathroom is loosely decorated and equipped by masons. Floor tiles, tiles, ceilings, sinks, sanitary ware, toilets, etc. are loosely purchased and then equipped together. Traditional bathroom decoration requires waterproofing treatment on the ground. Assuming that the waterproofing treatment is not in place, water seepage and water leakage will occur, and sanitary dead corners will be left at the junction of surface brick construction and equipment.

1. The quality of the materials used directly affects the practicability and aesthetics of the overall bathroom. Therefore, it is necessary to choose materials with good anti-slip effects. The bathroom uses a lot of water and is particularly damp. If there are children and white men in the house, they simply wrestle. Also, the grade and color of each material should be harmonious. If the distance is large, it feels weird. Confirm the size before buying, especially the bathtub, basin, hanging mirror, etc. If the size is not suitable, it will be troublesome.

2. Before paving the tiles, make sure that there is a slope on the ground after the tiles are laid, and the slope must be based on the floor drain so that there will be no water in the bathroom. Then a closed water test is carried out, usually for 24 hours.

3. Toilet water and electricity renovation is particularly important. It is necessary to supervise the work during construction and check two important items during acceptance: one is the suppression test, and the hot and cold water pipes must be connected in series before the test; the second is the inspection of electric meters and sockets; only qualified It will not affect our future use.

4. Wire connectors need to be tinned, and then wrap the waterproof tape and insulating tape to ensure safe use. Wires need to be covered with flame-retardant pipes, switches and sockets must be equipped with moisture-proof boxes, and the orientation must be confirmed according to the size and orientation of the electrical appliance, which is more convenient to use.

5. An exhaust fan must be installed in the bathroom, and the exhaust fan must also be equipped with a retrograde gate to prevent the turbid air from flowing back; if the conditions permit, it is recommended to install a window for better ventilation.