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What should be avoided in the decoration of the overall bathroom

1. Choose bricks on the ground and on the wall

It is best to use non-slip floor tiles as the decorative floor material of the overall bathroom to avoid accidental slipping during bathing, and wall tiles matching the floor tiles are also used when decorating the walls.

In this way, the overall effect of the bathroom can be very beautiful, and the selection of a wall that is not too smooth is also to avoid slipping and finding a support point. Especially on the floor outside the bathtub, try to choose waterproof ones, maybe put on non-slip mats.

2. Choose appropriate size bathing utensils

If your bathroom area is relatively small, it is best to choose a shower type, and the sink should not be too large or too large, especially to leave a proper standing space when taking a bath.

3. Do a good job of light transmission and protection of doors and windows

It is best to choose the door and window of the bathroom with strong security and confidentiality. At the same time, it is also important to choose good lighting and ventilation. Especially the selection of shower curtains and window cloths, try to choose thick, opaque types.

4. Best choice for anti-fog glass

The bathroom glass is best to choose anti-fog. Generally, there will be a lot of fog after the shower, so the anti-fog glass can avoid the trouble of drying the glass.

5. It is best to install a ventilation fan in the bathroom

The air in the bathroom is usually not very good. Installing an internal displacement fan can not only discharge too much water vapor, but also make the air fresh and comfortable, and it can also make sure that there is enough oxygen in the bath.

6. Choose a bathroom cabinet with good sealing

Bathrooms often have things to be placed, so it is important to choose a cabinet with good airtightness, moisture-proof and moisture-proof, otherwise it will simply cause the objects in the cabinet to change, get damp, etc., and try not to choose wood. Long and simple rot.

7. Pick a good ceiling

When taking a bath, the ceiling will gather many water drops. At this time, learn to choose a pvc board with better waterproof performance when decorating the top of the bathroom. It can not only avoid moisture and water seepage, but also beautify the top design.

8. The quality of the overall bathroom lighting is very important

Water and some conductive liquids will accumulate in the bathroom for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality lamps and switches, and the light of the lamps should be relatively soft. Don't choose too dazzling, let alone use it, which will cause a strange atmosphere. Colorful light fixtures.