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How to deal with the ventilation problem of the integrated toilet

The integrated bathroom is to break the traditional single bathroom product development concept, integrate the bathroom space, and then centralize the production of bathroom products. This should refer to the combined bathroom, which means that the bathroom is not built when the house is built. Yes, but later used other materials to assemble the bathroom, so it was called an integrated bathroom.

The ventilation of integrated toilets generally uses natural ventilation and artificial ventilation. The so-called natural ventilation is to open doors and windows to allow natural wind to blow in and replace the air in the bathroom to keep the air fresh. Artificial ventilation is a ventilation method that uses ventilation equipment to ventilate the bathroom.

Generally speaking, the effect of artificial ventilation is better. Exhaust fans can be installed on the ceiling, wall, and windows of the bathroom to directly exhaust the dirty air to the ventilation duct or outdoors to reach the intent of ventilation in the bathroom. Regarding dwellings without vents, you can install a set of ventilating ducts to open to the outdoors. Other artificial ventilation can change forced ventilation into automatic ventilation, which is timely and can effectively keep the air in the bathroom fresh.

Fortunately, when installing an exhaust fan, it also preserves natural ventilation. Some home decorations are equipped with exhaust fans, and the windows are sealed, which is very inconvenient to use. Since the exhaust fan can only be used for a while, it is natural to clean the peculiar smell, but it cannot ensure that the air in the bathroom is fresh and dry. Opening windows has many advantages: ventilation is not restricted by time, which is conducive to the exchange of indoor air and keeps it dry. In Xia Dili, opening windows can also lower the indoor temperature. The above is the summary of the integrated bathroom manufacturers for everyone, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!