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Precautions for choosing a prefabricated bathroom

The bathroom is a kind of public facility that we commonly use in our daily life. It has many ways. Now the more popular is a prefabricated bathroom that we all know. It has many functions and is very popular with us.

1. Applicable scenarios of prefabricated toilets

First of all, let's take a look at which scenarios this prefabricated bathroom is suitable for. During the peak travel season, the toilets in the scenic area are not enough. In order to alleviate people’s toilet pressure, in fact, we can use the prefabricated toilets. The prefabricated toilets can be placed in each area of ​​the scenic area, which can facilitate tourists to use the toilet because it occupies a small area. , The cost is not expensive. In some marathons, athletes need to run for a long time, and there will definitely be people who want to go to the toilet on the way. However, there are few toilets in the marathon. At this time, some prefabricated toilets can be used and the prefabricated toilets can be placed. Beside the road, place a few at intervals, because it occupies a small area and is more convenient to use, so it is convenient for marathon runners to enter. Prefabricated toilets are suitable for local areas where water resources are not abundant, such as scenic spots, sports games, and city streets.

Second, choose an environmentally friendly sewage method

Most of the current toilets are flushing, but this flushing type has many problems. On the one hand, it does not save water resources. At least 5 liters of tap water is used to flush the feces each time. On the other hand, the flushing assembly type The toilet can not isolate the odor, and it is easy to make the odor in the toilet serious. When choosing a prefabricated bathroom, you must choose the sewage treatment method according to the environment of the place of use. There are foam blocking methods, anhydrous packaging methods, microbial degradation methods, vacuum treatment methods, etc., and we must choose specific methods according to the application.

Three, choose a reasonable structure design

Prefabricated toilets also have many structural designs. Traditional toilets are mostly brick-concrete structures or reinforced concrete structures. The choice of prefabricated toilets is more diversified, it can choose light steel structure, plastic materials. The structural design of the toilet should be selected according to the conditions of the place of use. In some local areas, a single assembled toilet can be used, so that it is more convenient to move and easy to transfer.