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Introduction and advantages of the whole bathroom

The overall bathroom is not just sanitary products. He also has his own planning and decoration, color matching, overall layout, etc., as well as all the decoration of the bathroom. The integral bathroom provides convenience for many busy people. The integral toilet is still a relatively new type of industrialized product. It was first used in the integral toilet of the hotel, and now it is gradually accepted by households. The whole bathroom is convenient, fast and fully functional. There is no need to worry about the material, and all the materials and utensils are of good quality. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly, healthy, low pollution, and easy to clean. The overall bathroom price is more expensive than the average traditional bathroom.

Overall bathroom advantages

1. No ceramic tiles, environmentally friendly materials

Ceramic tiles are used on the walls and floors of traditional bathrooms. The ceramic tiles contain radioactive substances-radon. "Radon" is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

The wall, floor and ceiling of the bathroom are all made of SMC/HCM Regent composite board composite material. The SMC/HCM Regent composite board material is non-radioactive and is widely used in aviation, navigation and defense. Green environmental protection, care for life!

2. Better antibacterial function

Due to the material and structure of the ceramic tiles in the traditional bathroom, many bacteria multiply in the bathhouse, which affects health!

Tested by authoritative institutions, the antibacterial rate of the overall bathroom has reached 98.24%, and the better antibacterial function will protect your health!


3. Never leak

Water leakage in traditional toilets is hailed as the cancer of architecture. The whole bathroom uses professional waterproof trays to completely eradicate the leakage of traditional bathhouses.

4. Overall planning and overall service

The various accessories of traditional toilets are planned and produced by different manufacturers, and it is difficult to coordinate the style of the entire bathroom. Because manufacturers are different, after-sales service is not guaranteed.