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Overall bathroom manufacturers share cleaning tips

Bathroom cleaning is a problem that every housewife is very concerned about. Here is the overall bathroom manufacturer editor to teach you the cleaning method.

When cleaning the walls and floor of the shower room, please use a plastic brush to gently brush it. If there is dirt that is difficult to clean, please wipe it with a clean cloth or sponge dipped in some gentle non-influencing detergent. Alcohol is also an expert at removing dirt. When using the special detergent for bathroom, it is recommended to read the instructions first, which are all explained clearly. Do not use corrosive chemicals for cleaning!

Often some home scavengers ask me: how to use and maintain the pulleys in the shower room, so let me tell you here at the same time. Push-pull bathroom doors are divided into sliding blocks and sliding wheels.

Daily use, to prevent conflicts with the door, so as not to constitute the sliding block and sliding wheel of the movable door to fall. If there is something stuck in the sliding block or sliding wheel, it needs to be cleaned out. Therefore, check the condition of the sliding wheel, sliding rail, and sliding block regularly. It is better to add lubricant. The sliding block adjusts the screws regularly to ensure that the sliding block has excellent load-bearing capacity and sliding capacity for the movable door.

Some housewives once asked the editor, how to maintain tempered glass? Well, first of all, as we all know, don't hit the surface of tempered glass with sharp objects to cause damage to the glass. Do not use corrosive liquids to wipe the surface of tempered glass, which can damage the chemical composition of the glass and damage the gloss of the glass surface. Do not use rough cloth to wipe the glass when cleaning, it will cause a lot of fine lines on the surface.

Also, the use and maintenance of shower trays are important to most people. It is the same as tempered glass. Don't hit sharp objects, don't use corrosive solution to clean, don't wipe with rough cloth.

The above is the accumulation of many years of work experience in the overall bathroom manufacturer editor, share it with us, if your home needs to install and plan the overall bathroom, please feel free to contact us!