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Why can the overall bathroom be quickly popularized

The integral bathroom originated in Japan. In the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, in order to ensure high-quality and rapid completion of the construction of many athletes’ apartments, the Japanese invented integral bathrooms that could be installed on site. The overall bathroom has been popular in Japan for decades. As of 2014, 95% of bathrooms in Japan are full bathrooms.

What is the overall bathroom?

Generally, a whole bathroom is composed of the following components: wall panels, floors, bathtubs, shower faucets, toilets, bathroom cabinets, doors, lighting, ventilation fans, toilets, sinks, etc.

The integral sanitary ware is an independent sanitary unit formed by an integrated waterproof chassis, wall panel, and top panel, with various functional sanitary wares. Usually adopts the form of factory prefabricated, componentized device, which greatly increases the construction power and construction cost. In simple terms, the whole bathroom can be seen as an independent box, which contains various functional sanitary wares such as bathtubs. You just need to make all the parts in the factory according to the size of your bathroom, take it home and assemble the box.

Integral bathroom: The ceiling, bathtub, floor, wall and other parts are prefabricated with high waterproof materials (FRP) in the factory, and then transported to the bathroom assembled on the construction site. The traditional bathroom method requires tiles to be laid one by one. The construction time is long, and there is the possibility of water leakage. The appearance of the overall bathroom eliminates the shortcomings of leakage, so more and more buildings are adopted.

The components of the overall bathroom, including bathtub, wall panel, floor, water valve, shower, mirror, storage rack, handrail, floor drain, bathroom door, lighting, ventilator or bathroom warm air dryer, etc. Today's overall bathroom manufacturers have improved the level of customization. Customers can freely choose the styles of bathroom components, and can also install TVs, stereos, atmosphere lights, etc.