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Analysis of several purchase tips for the overall shower room

When we buy an overall shower room, we must learn how to choose the best overall shower room product that suits us, and how to judge the quality of the overall shower room. You know, only high-quality overall shower room products can bring people an incomparable enjoyment when they are tired. So, how can we buy the right overall shower room products in the dazzling bathroom shopping malls? Let's take a look together!

Keep in mind these five tips, it is no longer a problem to buy an integrated shower room

1. Distinguish the raw materials of the overall shower

The important main material of the integral shower room is tempered glass, but there are many integral shower room products with thoroughly tempered glass on the market that use unqualified tempered glass. So how do we verify the authenticity of many products? In fact, when you watch the tempered glass carefully, you will see the faint patterns, and the surface is all with 3C certification. You must see that the logo is branded with a laser.

2. Investigate the surface color

The color picture of the overall shower room should be in harmony with the decoration style of the bathroom. The shape is generally a symmetrical fan shape. If it is a larger bathroom area, then you can also choose a square shower room. Most customers like the overall shower room with pictures and translucent appearance. The product itself has strong decoration and will give people a beautiful enjoyment. However, some customers are traditional or elderly, they generally pay more attention to privacy, so they like the cloth-patterned shower room. The surface is cloth-like, relatively monotonous and not exaggerated, but opaque.

Three, compare after-sales service

There is generally free delivery and door-to-door installation in the city, and the warranty period is one year, so do not ask for a repair order when purchasing. Some manufacturers with high product quality and good promises will also withdraw from insurance companies' underwriting services.

Four or three products are rejected

Don't be greedy for cheapness and buy integral shower room products that are of insecure quality and are produced by unknown manufacturers. When purchasing, be sure to check whether the glass has 3C certification, brand awareness, after-sales service, etc., and whether the product is marked with a detailed manufacturer's name, site and product certificate.

Five, chassis selection

Integral shower rooms are generally divided into two types: high basin and chassis. The tank type can seat people, which is more suitable for families with the elderly and children. It can also be used for multiple purposes, such as washing and water storage. The disadvantage is that it is very troublesome when doing sanitation. In contrast, the low-pot is more concise and the price is lower than the high-pot. The texture of the chassis is divided into three types: glass fiber, acrylic and diamond. Among them, diamond has good fastness and easy to clean dirt.