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Analyze the advantages and prices of prefabricated toilets

1. The prefabricated toilet adopts an integrated professional chassis, no waterproofing, no cement, and completely eliminates the leakage risk of traditional toilets. Products of the same standard can complete pure SMC material, HCM Regent composite board and SMC combination, SMC material and tempered glass combination. At the same time, according to the needs of different users, industrialization and personalization can be perfected together, and washing machines, hair dryers, heating, etc. can also be added according to customer needs.

2. Compared with the traditional bathroom, the prefabricated bathroom is clean, dry and odor-free: there is no sanitary corner wall, the ceiling material is fine and bright and the skin feels friendly; it does not accumulate moisture and absorbs moisture, and it is dry and odorless. It is especially easy to clean. Use neutral detergent to wipe.

3. The prefabricated toilet is constructed by dry method, which is simple and convenient: on-site assembly, efficiency is improved, 2 workers only need 8 hours to install 4 to 5 sets, which effectively shortens the construction period. Environmental protection materials reach the tableware level, no pollution to the environment during production and assembly, and no construction waste occurs.

4. The overall bathroom room is guaranteed for up to 20 years and provides lifetime service. Although prefabricated toilets have many good performances, the penetration rate in our country is still very low for many reasons. In the future, the overall sanitary industry will have a long way to go in our country. It is hoped that the changes in people's consumption concepts can drive it. The wide range of this product.

5. The structure of the whole bathroom is mostly made of HCM/SMC composite materials, which have the advantages of compact material, bright surface, heat insulation, anti-aging and long service life.

The overall toilet price trend is determined according to its effect. With the improvement of people's living standards, the overall bathroom may become a trend in future decoration. For those busy working friends, this will form an economy where demand exceeds supply. The current situation, the overall toilet price will certainly rise, at least for some time in recent years. Generally, the price of a household prefabricated integral bathroom is around 4000~6000 yuan. Such an integral bathroom has a large space and is convenient to use, which solves many problems in daily life.