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Analysis on the significance and advantages of the whole bathroom

The integral toilet is a general term for a new type of industrialized bathroom products. The product has an independent frame structure and supporting functions. A set of molded products is an independent functional unit, which can be installed in any environment according to use needs. . The integral toilet (ie, integral bathroom) is an independent sanitary unit that completes multiple functions such as washing face, showering, and toileting in a limited space. To provide a ready-to-install bathroom system in a factory production method. The product of the integral bathroom first includes the outer frame structure that constitutes the main shape of the product, such as the top plate, the wall plate, and the waterproof chassis, and then the internal components such as the hardware, sanitary ware, lighting, and water and electricity system in the bathroom that can satisfy the product's functionality.

The main advantage of the main body The overall bathroom obviously surpasses the traditional bathroom in a sense. Its integrated characteristics integrate every part of the bathroom space into one, which is pleasing, pleasing to the eye and delighting.

Material and material advantages The whole bathroom is mainly because its moulded chassis is integral, which is waterproof and leakproof.

Space advantage The integral bathroom means that the basin, faucet, mirror, etc. are integrated into an overall environment in a limited space. All supporting products are supplied by a single unit. This is the aspect of the integral bathroom, which is convenient for users in the future. maintain.

Design advantages The bathroom equipment of the whole bathroom has no dead-angle structure and is easy to clean. Generally speaking, it has the advantages of saving time and trouble, reasonable structure, and excellent material.

Layout advantages The bathroom is neatly stored. The overall bathroom integrates washbasins and other furniture. Not only can it put some fine daily necessities, but it can also hide the water pipes and wires in the bathhouse to make the bathhouse look neat and clean.