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What is the difference between the overall shower room and the simple shower room

Many families now want to install a shower room, but the conditions need to know how much it costs to install a shower room, because it is a lot of expense for ordinary families, and there is no pressure for entering a well-off family, and the shower room is standard. The manufacturer will briefly talk about the price of the overall shower room and simple shower room for you.

There are many shower room brands. How do our customers choose? Mainly we need to look at the company's process profile and brand award information, as well as customers' comments on the brand. Shower room styles and sizes are different, such as rectangular, arc, diamond, etc. Of course, the price will also be different, depending on what material you choose, and some families need to customize because of the small bathroom space, so the price depends on the scale Calculated in terms of size and material.

Simple shower room is more suitable for mass families, the structure is relatively simple, there is no "roof", but the style is rich, its basic structure is a bottom basin or artificial stone bottom or natural stone bottom, tempered glass door has ordinary tempered glass, high-quality tempered glass , Water ripple tempered glass and cloth-patterned tempered glass, a stylish shower room with independent, concise and transparent space. Because of its precise, comfortable and tidy bath experience, there is a defect that it does not keep warm in winter. The simple shower room is not too expensive in terms of the price suitable for general households.

The overall shower room is more suitable for young families. It is a shower room with complete supporting equipment. It is more and more popular with customers due to its perfect functionality, fashion and beauty. It is composed of equipment, shower room body, shower screen, top cover, bottom basin or bathtub. The overall shower room has more functions and is relatively expensive. Generally, it is impossible to customize. But there is a flaw, it is not suitable for children and the elderly.