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How to set up a hospital bathroom is the most reasonable

Regarding the design of hospital toilets, it is also an aspect that hospitals need to pay attention to, that is, to ensure the safety of medical personnel. To this end, you need to pay attention to the following:

1. Doors, windows, walls, roofs, toilets, hand-washing sinks and other equipment should be intact to eliminate potential safety hazards.

2. Non-slip floor tiles should be used in public toilets and wards, and drainage equipment should be made. There should be anti-slip reminders when entering the bathroom.

3. The lighting in the bathroom should be bright and soft, and the reflected light from the mirror should not be eye-catching. If possible, the natural light can be increased.

4. There is no sharp corner design in the bathroom, including wall, washbasin, door handle, etc., to avoid sharp corners to avoid accidents.

5. The bathroom door should be opened outwards, and the door lock needs to be opened from both the front and back.

6. SOS urgent call needs to be installed in the bathroom of the ward. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the call can be made immediately when an accident occurs.

7. Do a good job in the disinfection and hospital-sensing operations in the outpatient and emergency toilets and other densely staffed areas, including the installation of induction faucets, disinfection urinals, and equipment such as hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer.

The second criterion of hospital toilet design is to make a humanized design, summarize and consider the needs of different groups of people and different situations, and improve the comfort of the hospital toilet. In this regard, the humanized hospital design is mainly achieved through three aspects:

1. Reduce waiting time and make toilet use smoother.

2. Keep the environment tidy, beautiful and fresh, and improve the comfort of toilet.

3. Do detailed design according to user habits.

If it is an independent toilet in a hospital ward, it is necessary to consider whether the patient is convenient to move and whether it is necessary to take a bath in hospital. Considering the size of the ward, it is recommended to make an integrated toilet, which is not only safe and fast, but also conducive to cleaning.