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Briefly on whether the overall bathroom is good or not

But more people are discussing whether it is good to install an integrated bathroom at home?

One, good

1. The bathroom space in the home is small, so it would be better to install a whole bathroom! Because the structure of the integral bathroom is very reasonable, the small space can be used to a greater extent, and the area of ​​the bathroom can be saved. Even if the bathroom at home is less than 2 square meters, there is a corresponding overall bathroom design to meet all needs .

2. It is no longer a single tile design, and many details have fundamentally dealt with the annoyance of water leakage on the floor of ordinary toilets. The design of the overall bathroom is scientific. For example, there is no dead-angle structure in the overall bathroom, so it is more convenient to clean.

3. Exquisite, delicate and beautiful, and full of functions is also a highlight. It is more appropriate to describe it as "Sparrow is small and has all internal organs"!

4. In addition to the convenience of use, it is also extremely labor-saving when installing an integrated bathroom. Compared with the complex construction of traditional decoration, the overall bathroom only needs screws and adhesives, which can be completed by two people with more effort.

2. Not good

1. Although the small overall bathroom saves space, people feel bored when taking a bath. Larger people will feel unable to stretch and feel restrained. If the bath does not go well, it will naturally affect the mood. And if the bathroom is already small, the space will become smaller after installing the integral bathroom.

2. The shower curtain of the overall bathroom is annoying, because it will stick to your body when you are taking a bath, the feeling of wet and cool in winter is very uncomfortable, and the overall bathroom is also difficult to achieve a certain dry and wet partition. .

3. Since the shower curtain is more prone to mold, it needs to be replaced every other time. People who are afraid of trouble will find it uneasy.

4. The cost is high, the price of the shower room is high, and it costs thousands to install a few pieces of glass, and you still have to buy the bathtub by yourself.

The editor concludes that although the overall bathroom is good or bad, the existence of the overall bathroom is of great significance. If conditions permit, it is also quite good to install such a convenient overall bathroom.