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Introduction to the characteristics of the apartment bathroom

The integrated bathroom of the apartment is to break the traditional single bathroom product development concept, to carry out the integrated planning of the apartment bathroom, and then to centralize the production of bathroom products, making the spatial layout more scientific and practical, more beautiful and coordinated.

The integrated bathroom is showing a new concept of space art. It brings together six characteristics in a co-innovative way: layout optimization, simplified installation, intelligent operation, low cost, entertainment during bathing, and personalized supporting planning.

The so-called integrated bathroom is a combined assembled bathroom that integrates culture, function, space, layout, and service; integrated bathroom is planned and developed by professional planners, with reasonable layout, complete functions, and stylish appearance.

The integrated toilet adopts a simple and quick overall installation method, and the integrated toilet is assembled in combination; the installation period is short (two workers can complete the installation within 4 hours). The integrated toilet chooses the same floor drainage without drilling the pipe hanging device process, and the construction device can be easily handled on the floor;

Features of apartment integrated bathroom products

1. Durable: SMC has a aging life of up to 30 years, which can guarantee the service life of all bathhouses at least 20 years, which greatly exceeds the decoration cycle of ordinary families.

2. Consolidation: After the SMC is subjected to high temperature and pressure, the molecular structure becomes abnormally tight, the material has no micropores, and the pressure capacity is strong.

3. Stability: SMC is resistant to acid and alkali, high temperature, no deformation or discoloration after testing in a water bath at 80℃ for hundreds of hours.

4. No dripping water: all the bathhouse waterproof plates are molded at one time, and the joint flanging locks the water plan, and never leaks, eliminating the drawbacks of traditional bathroom running water and dripping water.

5. Low carbon and energy saving: There is a thermal insulation buffer layer between the integrated toilet and the wall to avoid heat being absorbed by the building. In addition, the SMC material itself also has thermal insulation performance, even in the winter in the north, there is no need to install a radiator Or Yuba.