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The advantages of integrated toilets

The integrated toilet is an innovation based on the traditional toilet. The planning device of the integrated toilet can make full use of the limited space of the toilet, blend the characteristics of customers, and can perfectly combine the indoor area and characteristics to create your own integrated toilet. In addition, what are the main advantages of integrated toilets?

1. The quality is more stable

Because the walls, floors, and ceilings are all produced in the factory, only simple installations are needed on site, which eliminates the instability of traditional bathroom masons' manual work, and the quality of integrated toilets is more stable and guaranteed.

2. Fast installation

Building block-style standard and simple installations on the construction site, an integrated toilet only needs 4 hours to complete the installation. Compared with the half-month construction period of a traditional bathroom, the construction period is significantly shortened and labor input is reduced.

3. Deal with water leakage

Water leakage is a major stubborn disease of traditional bathroom. Once there is a problem with the waterproofing operation, the bathroom decoration can only be overturned. Time-consuming and labor-intensive consumables also affect the relationship between neighbors. The integrated bathroom floor uses an integrated waterproof chassis, and the flanging plan of the chassis allows The chassis is like a bowl and has a water storage function, which solves the old problem of water leakage in the bathroom.

4. More convenient cleaning

The SMC material of the integrated toilet chassis is strictly non-porous, and the corners are treated with arcs to eliminate dead corners and facilitate cleaning.

5. More comfortable to use

All the SMCs used have a lower thermal conductivity function than wooden floors, which means that stepping on the SMC floor in winter will not feel completely cold, and the sidings of Huangmeitian and Huinantian will not have condensation, water hanging, and moisture return. Condition; At the same time, SMC has an insulating function and is safer to use.

Through the above description, we can clearly understand that every product update can reflect the people's demand for the quality of life in this world. The planning and production device of the integrated toilet not only provides people with a comfortable environment, but also helps people deal with the inconvenience of cleaning, water leakage and dampness in the past.