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Introduction to the decoration skills of the whole bathroom

The whole bathroom decoration bathroom skills

1. The floor skewness of the bathroom must be determined before laying bricks, and the floor must be skewed towards the floor drain. If you want to install a deodorant floor drain or an ultra-thin floor drain, it will greatly increase the difficulty of drainage. You may wish to set the skewness slightly It is so straightforward to increase it a little bit to make the drainage quick and sensitive!

2. If there is no window in your bathroom area, it is recommended that you still choose an exhaust fan with strong power and strong suction to help you accelerate the discharge of mist, moisture and odor in the enclosed space.

3. If you decide to install smart bathroom products, remember to plan for hidden waterproof sockets in advance.

4. The electricity and water use must be done in one step and accurately selected. Once the wrong selection is made, it will be particularly troublesome to open and reinstall.

5. If you want more diversified bathroom planning, you can consider using waterproof wallpaper.

6. If your whole bathroom is well exhausted and dehumidified, you don't need those ugly plastic shower curtains, and choose to use gauze curtains as shower curtains, it looks more beautiful.

7. If the space in the bathroom is large enough, you can consider installing a bathroom cabinet. In this way, it will be more convenient to get up in the morning to freshen up and dress up, and it will not affect people who need to sleep.

8. When it comes to bathroom cabinet installations, pay attention to whether the scale of the bathroom cabinet can match the limited space of your overall bathroom. The important point is the entry device of the bathroom cabinet. The bathroom cabinet of the editor chooses Gaudi solid wood bathroom cabinets. Because it is a unique disassembly and assembly process, all the components can be disassembled into the whole bathroom and then reassembled, avoiding the problems of large furniture not entering the door and scratching the wall.

9. Threshold: Threshold is a checkpoint to prevent water from overflowing from the bathroom. There are two key points in its planning and construction. One is that the upper surface of the threshold should be skewed toward the inside of the bathroom so that water drops can slide smoothly to the inside of the bathroom; second, yes The threshold should be the same width as the door frame, so that there will be no big ins and outs when laying the floor tiles, and the chance of breaking is relatively reduced.

10. Waterproof on the ground: There are many kinds of waterproof materials, and now the most widely used is waterproofing agent. When laying the waterproof layer, it must be about 20 cm above the foot of the wall, at least not lower than the height of the threshold. When there are reserved pipes on the floor, the waterproof layer also needs to cover the reserved pipes. After the floor is waterproof and dry, it is necessary to immediately use cement mortar for primer or maintenance measures to prevent damage to the waterproof layer. Whole bathroom decoration price

Introduction to the advantages of the integral bathroom for integral bathroom decoration

1. Waterproof

When taking a bath in the bathroom, water will splash on the nearby walls. If there is no maintenance of the waterproof layer, the adjacent walls and the opposite corner walls are prone to wetting and mildew. Therefore, it is necessary to make the wall waterproof before the wall tiles. Generally, the wall should be 30 cm high in the waterproof treatment. However, for the non-load-bearing light-body wall, the entire wall should be waterproofed, at least To be 1.8 meters high. Keep in mind the pre-embedded line pipe before doing waterproofing. After the waterproofing is dry, use the&"Water storage test GG" for 24 or 72 hours to check the waterproof to see if there is any leakage.

2. Drainage

Drainage is an important part of toilet cleaning. Pay special attention to the following points:

(1) The height of the floor drain water seal should reach 50mm, and attention should be paid to selecting the odor-proof floor drain to prevent the air in the drainage pipe from flooding into the room.

(2) The floor drain should be about 10mm below the ground, and the drainage flow should not be too small, otherwise it will easily form a blockage.

3. Ventilation

Moisture is easy to accumulate in the bathroom, so it is best to choose Mingwei with windows. Install an exhaust ventilation device with high power and good performance.

4. Guarantee

Ensure that the pipe is wrapped with a layer of silencer sponge, which can effectively block water noise.

5. The cabinet of the bathroom should use waterproof board.