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The price of the overall shower room

The overall shower room welcomes many customers because of its moderate price, simple installation and complete functions, but the messy functions make it difficult for customers to grasp when choosing. Experts believe that some multi-function shower rooms inevitably present the phenomenon of speculation, so you should be careful when you buy them.

The first is the style. There are many styles of shower room, mainly including vertical angle shower room and linear bath screen, bath screen on bathtub. When buying, you must choose the size of the overall shower room according to the size of your family room space. The second is to look at the material.

The remaining functions may not be useful

The price of the shower room is directly proportional to the function, and some functions are unnecessary. The domestic shower room has top spray and bottom spray, and an automatic cleaning function is added. It consists of three parts: sauna system, shower system, and physiotherapy massage system. The sauna system mainly emits steam through the independent steam hole at the bottom of the shower room, and can put medicine in the medicine box to enjoy medicated bath health care, so as to achieve the purpose of health care. The physiotherapy massage system mainly produces water through acupuncture massage holes on the wall of the shower room, and massages the human body under the pressure of water. Generally, a single shower room has about 12 massage holes, and a double shower room can reach 16 massage holes. These are the basic functions of the shower room. The functions of the conventional shower room mainly include electronic exhaust, manual acupuncture massage bath, rain shower, answering the phone, oxygenation, sterilization, and foot massage. In addition to the above functions, the multi-function computer shower room can also listen to radio broadcasts or enjoy CDs in the sauna, and not only can answer the phone, but also make calls in the past.

If you can move a shower room with acupuncture back massage, surfing foot massage, and steam function home for only 3,000 yuan, the low price is unavoidable. It is understood that not all the additional functions of the shower room can actually achieve the effect. For example, the steam function of some shower rooms is only reached by electric heating wire, without ceramic parts for insulation, safety and durability are not guaranteed; and because of the different steam function design, some shower rooms only need to wait for steam heating. 7 or 8 minutes, and some need to wait nearly half an hour before they can use it. Furthermore, the difference in shower room accessories makes the water jets of acupuncture massage in some shower rooms unable to achieve the acupuncture effect.

Pay attention to steam engine and computer board

When buying a shower room with steam function, you should pay attention to the steam engine and computer control panel. The center of this steam function is the steam engine. If the steam engine fails to turn off, it will break down after a short period of time. The computer control panel is also the central part of the shower room. Since all the function keys of the shower room are on the computer board, once the computer board fails, the entire shower room cannot be activated. Therefore, you must ask the steam engine and the computer board for the warranty time when purchasing.

Mid-priced economy is the first choice

According to the survey, mid-range products in the shower room of shopping malls are cost-effective and are the first choice of customers.

The mid-range shower room is priced between 4500-11000 yuan (1 meter by 1 meter), and its function, quality, and after-sales service are relatively sophisticated. These products occupies a large share in the market and have an appropriate scale of operation. Therefore, after-sales service is more guaranteed than the other two products. In terms of quality function and design, most mid-range products are produced by domestic companies that introduce foreign technology. The materials, technology, and design of the shower room are imported from abroad, and the function is slightly lower than that of foreign products, but the quality and function are not bad. .