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Introduction to the characteristics of hotel toilets

In a hotel, one of the key factors affecting customer experience and satisfaction is a well-designed and fully functional bathroom. Although it is often "hidden sight", guests expect the hotel bathroom to give people a comfortable experience. The same as in my own home.

Good guest rooms and bathrooms can not only help the hotel attract more customers, but also increase hotel revenue.

1. Advance hotel competition advantage

The advancement of skills has also led to the improvement of hotel hardware, such as in-room Wi-Fi, temperature control, mirror TV, etc. Nowadays, many new skills have been added to the hotel’s bathroom, and the norms of comfort and luxury have been redefined. These rated functions can bring competitive advantages to hotel rooms, and together allow customers to experience innovative and comfortable accommodation experience.

2. Attract more loyal customers

About half of the guests paid more for the TV in the room, toiletries in the bathroom and free Internet access to get a better experience. Hotel operators are paying more and more attention to the supporting facilities of guest rooms and bathrooms to satisfy the changing needs of shopping malls.

3. Assist the sustainable development of the company

Guest room toilets are one of the major parts of the hotel’s water and energy consumption. This is why toilets have become the primary focus of hotel operators to reduce costs and reduce environmental impact. There are many toilet renovation companies that can promote the use of green materials in guest rooms and bathrooms to help reduce utility costs and carbon emissions.

4. Help the hotel add value

Like other real estate properties, if the bathroom is reshaped according to newer industry regulations and the taste of travelers, the value of the hotel will also advance.

5. Build more space

In hotels of three-star and below categories, it has become a trend to filter hotel bathtubs. Another trend is to use light to create bright and private open spaces. Sliding doors are also widely used to reduce space restrictions and increase Some transparency is added to allow light to enter the bathroom from the room. With a larger bathroom space, guests can move around freely, thereby advancing their hotel experience.

Summary: Not every hotel can be extremely luxurious in the bathroom. For example, luxury hotel brands like to use natural stone in the bathroom, but mid-range hotels cannot afford such products. Therefore, the choice of floors, lights, and furniture has become a very important part.

Not all information is applicable to hotel bathrooms, therefore, hotel managers and designers should understand what kind of heat and humidity will affect their choice. For example, if porous materials are placed in the bathroom, there may be long-term risks. Nevertheless, many hotel designs still require porous stone or ceramic tiles, which requires finding a suitable maintenance method to maintain the product. In addition, lighting is often overlooked, but it is the key to complete the proper appearance and atmosphere of guest rooms and bathrooms. If the color temperature is too cold, the room will look like a hospital room instead of a hotel room.

Although there are many materials that can be used for bathroom furniture, porcelain products still dominate the scrubbing table and bathtub. From the hotel's perspective, it is easy to clean; from the owner's perspective, the cost is lower. Ceramics and stone polymers are used to integrate basins and countertops. This structure is becoming more and more popular. At the same time, this is the appearance of minimalist aesthetics.

There is also the color of the bathroom furniture. White is still popular, but it cannot become monotonous "white". Different furniture can be made of high-gloss white, matte white or even blue-white glaze to produce basins, bathtubs and other furniture.