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Installation precautions for the overall bathroom

1. The drainage floor drain of the whole bathroom

The overall bathroom is the place where the family takes a bath, so the drainage problem is a point that cannot be ignored in the bathroom planning considerations. How to make the toilet drainage smooth? First of all, you should pay attention to the size of the bathroom slope. The greater the slope, the faster the floor drain drains. On the contrary, it is easy to accumulate water on the ground, but the bathroom slope will affect the beauty and make people stand unstable. Therefore, the planned floor drain should be about 10mm lower than the ground level, and the height of the floor drain seal should reach 50mm to prevent the gas in the sewer from entering the room. The floor drain core needs to be sealed in the sewer pipe to prevent negative pressure from causing drainage failure.

2. The ventilation function of the toilet

The bathroom is the place where the toilet is at home. Poor ventilation can cause peculiar smell and depression. Therefore, ventilation is also an important point in the planning of the bathroom. There are generally two methods for toilet ventilation, one is natural ventilation and the other is artificial ventilation. Natural ventilation is to make the air in the bathroom move by opening the door and the window, so the bathroom window is as large as possible.

However, some units have poor natural ventilation functions, so artificial ventilation is required to speed up the air movement in the bathroom. Generally, an exhaust fan is selected to exhaust the dirty air in the bathroom into the wild. In addition, the electric fan can also exhaust the water vapor generated after the bath to ensure that the indoor air is fresh and dry in time.

3. The lighting of the bathroom

Family bathrooms are generally small in size, and the dim indoor light will give people a sense of depression, which will affect the user’s daily experience. Therefore, the light is a very important point in the bathroom planning considerations. There are two ways to make the bathroom light better. One method is the lighting of bathroom windows, and the second is the reflection of bathroom tiles. The bright guard at home has windows that can let in natural light, so pay attention to the size of the window; the dark guard is generally in the bathroom of the bedroom, which has poor lighting. At this time, the compensation method is to choose light white tiles, and the curtain should be white with good light transmission. The door curtain can also be fitted with a glass door to make the bathroom look cleaner and brighter.

4. Circuit transformation and separation of wet and dry projects in the overall bathroom

The overall bathroom is often a place where home improvement circuits are frequently modified, which is related to the convenience and comfort of the bathroom, so the circuit modification is also an important point in the bathroom planning considerations. Usually confirm the location of the electric sanitary ware when planning the electric wire walk, such as massage bathtub, bidet, washing machine, etc., and then reconstruct the circuit.