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Introduction to the production process of prefabricated toilets

The prefabricated toilet is formed by the factory at one time, and then installed on-site. It is a fast, convenient and comfortable toilet product. The whole bathroom is delicate, exquisite, no leakage, complete function and saving bathroom area, and no bathroom heater, very clean, which is conducive to cleaning the bathroom; the reason why the prefabricated bathroom is different from the traditional bathhouse is mainly reflected in: the traditional bathhouse is made of mud Bricklayers carry out loose decoration and installation. Floor tiles, face bricks, ceilings, sinks, sanitary ware, toilets and other loose purchases are then installed together. Traditional bathhouses need to be waterproofed on the ground before decoration. If the waterproofing is not in place, water seepage and water leakage will occur, and the joint between the construction of the surface brick and the installation of the equipment will leave a sanitary dead corner. The whole bathhouse does not need to be tiled, and there is no need to make a waterproof bathroom. The floor, wall, ceiling, door of the entire bathhouse and toilet, basin, faucet, and hardware inside the bathroom

Introduction to the advantages of prefabricated toilets

1. The wall, floor and ceiling of the prefabricated bathroom are all made of SMC aviation resin materials and HCM Regent composite decorative panels. High-quality bathroom products such as computer steam rooms and massage bathtubs are also widely used. They are environmentally friendly and do not require paving. ceramic tile.

2. The outstanding antibacterial function of prefabricated toilets can protect people's health.

3. The prefabricated bathroom adopts professional waterproof chassis to deal with the leakage problem of the bathhouse.

4. The prefabricated toilet is easy to clean, and it can be as bright as new after flushing with water, and it is very easy to clean.

Introduction to the advantages and characteristics of prefabricated toilets

1. The prefabricated toilet adopts an integrated professional chassis, which does not need to be waterproof or cemented, which completely eliminates the hidden danger of leakage in the traditional toilet. Products of the same standard can complete pure SMC raw material, HCM Regent composite board and SMC combination, SMC raw material and tempered glass combination. At the same time, it can complete industrialization and personalization according to the needs of different users. It can also be equipped with washing machines, hair dryers, heating, etc. according to customer needs.

2. Compared with the traditional bathroom, the prefabricated bathroom is clean, dry and odor-free: there is no sanitary corner wall, the ceiling material on the ground is fine and smooth, and the skin feels friendly; it does not accumulate water and absorbs moisture, and is dry and odorless. It is particularly easy to clean. Use neutral detergent to scrub.

3. The dry construction of prefabricated toilets is simple and convenient: on-site assembly, improved power, 2 workers only need 8 hours to install 4 to 5 sets, which effectively shortens the construction period. The environmental protection materials reach the tableware level and do not pollute the environment during the production and assembly process, and no construction waste is generated.

4. All bathroom rooms are guaranteed for up to 20 years and provide life-long service. Although prefabricated toilets have many excellent performances, the penetration rate in our country is still very low for many reasons. In the future, the entire bathroom industry will have a long way to go in our country. It is hoped that this product can be driven by the changes in people's consumption concepts. universal.

5. The frames of all toilets are mostly made of HCM/SMC composite materials, which have the advantages of tight raw materials, smooth surface, heat insulation, anti-aging and long service life.

Introduction of materials and raw materials used in factory prefabricated toilets

1. Waterproof chassis

The bottom plate-shaped member of the entire bathroom with functions such as waterproof and anti-leakage.


A sheet-like composite composed of thickenable resin, chopped (and/or continuous) glass fiber reinforced materials, fillers, additives, etc., and covered with a carrier film on both sides. It can be used to make waterproof trays, ceilings and wall panels for product toilets and product toilets.

3.HCM Lijing composite decorative board

It is a composite material with a sandwich structure, which is composed of two upper and lower layers of PVC-coated metal sheets through adhesive and rock wool. It can be used for the wall and ceiling of the toilet or toilet.