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Industry development trends such as the overall shower room

1. Professional reintegration is imperative

Rough development has become a life-threatening factor in the overall shower room and other household building materials professions, and professional integration is imperative. In the long process of marketization, more and more companies have withdrawn from this profession one after another due to operation and development reasons. Professional-scale enterprises now have more market space. The reintegration and definition of the occupational structure and the healthy development of occupations have become the key points in 2016 and even in the future.

2. Just need to become a mainstream consumer in shopping malls

The golden age of real estate is now in the past. Under the new real estate market structure, rigid demand is the primary factor driving the sanitary ware industry. In the age of rigid demand, the decoration of customers has become more critical. From the first set of housing decorations to improved decorations, these will become the top consumer malls in 2016.

Third, the Internet home improvement forces career reforms

In the context of the Internet +, more and more decoration formats have been aroused, and the decoration companies represented by Xiaomi home improvement are using Internet ideas to change the traditional professional development pattern. Under such circumstances, it is necessary for sanitary ware companies to get used to new shopping malls and new customer consumption habits, and use the Internet to examine and change this profession.

Fourth, the era of capital integration is coming

Facing the big cake of the sanitary industry, more and more capital predators are beginning to examine and enter this occupation. At the same time, the capitalized operation of sanitary companies is also accelerating. Relying on the power of capital, the rapid expansion and strengthening of enterprises has become a common consensus in household building materials professions such as sanitary ware.

5. The development of all sanitary ware shopping malls stabilizes

Under the hype of the concept of home furnishing, more and more companies are beginning to enter the home furnishing profession. As a new business combination, many companies have gradually moved from being unfamiliar to understanding. Many customers are beginning to understand and accept this business form. Under the cultivation of such shopping malls, the entire bathroom will move towards a fast lane. In 2016, all bathroom shopping malls will be well developed.

6. Service-driven product sales

In the bathroom profession where products are highly homogenized, service is a good starting point if you want to distinguish the difference between enterprises. In 2016, as the demand for offline services on the Internet increases, more and more companies will focus on the introduction of services and use services to drive product sales. The traditional product-driven service form will be completely transformed into a service-driven product sales form.

Seven, e-commerce companies begin to lay out offline

The myth of e-commerce will gradually fade away, and more and more companies will begin to examine their own e-commerce development strategies for the bathroom profession that takes service as the value demand point. While e-commerce consumption tends to be rational, more companies are beginning to use the Internet to import offline passenger flows, and to a large extent play the role of the Internet in attracting customers. At the same time, customer demand for product experience also forces e-commerce companies to start offline deployment.

8. Personalized enterprises usher in development opportunities

The increase in consumer demand centered on the post-80s and 90s has made the diversification and individualization of customers a mainstream market. More and more customers are beginning to love personalized products, and the emphasis on products has now changed from quality and environmental protection to personalized products. This is an excellent opportunity for many companies that demand personalization.

9. Refined management of dealers becomes a trend

The dealer’s life has been really difficult in recent years. Under the impact of shopping malls, many dealers have been tortured by the shopping malls. Under the traditional rude style, the dealers’ livelihood depends on the sky (shopping mall) for food. More ideas for operation development. In 2016, the refined management of dealers will become the primary growth method in the future. A lot of energy must be invested in storefronts, operations, teams, shopping malls, etc., as long as this is the way to make your business bigger and longer. .

10. Promotional activities are becoming more rational

Under the shadow of careers that do not promote sales, promotion seems to have become a factor driving career development. However, as customers mature day by day, traditional sales promotion methods can no longer activate customers' enthusiasm for purchase, and the rational demand for promotion activities has been aroused once again. In the promotion activities, sanitary ware companies should treat the changes in shopping malls and customers more rationally in order to promote their own work.