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How to better install the overall shower room

Watched so muchIntegral shower roomThe brand found that the styles are diverse, and the new products are updated quickly. I am also anxious about the decoration work. I don't know what to do, and I am in a hurry. I also want to renovate the bathroom with good quality, but I am afraid of being deceived, so don't worry, I want to improve the quality of the bathroom, and the overall shower room brand will help you finish it.

If you confirm the installation of the overall shower room, then we must plan our bathroom before the layout. Pay attention to the location of the drain hole to consider eradicating it, corresponding to the place where the sink, toilet, and integral shower room are used. Also pay attention to setting the location of the floor drain to prevent water accumulation. The overall shower room is mainly made of grooves or "water walk" planning around it, which is convenient for drainage and anti-skid.

There are also skills in the placement of toilets and electricians, such as waterproofing and moisture-proofing, ceiling fans, lights, heaters, etc. The switch must be covered with a moisture-proof cover. Especially for bathroom electric water heaters, it is advisable to use a double-pole switch with a plug. Electricity safety has always been not a small problem, and special attention should be paid to it. After all, the bathroom is still used by children and old people.

The bathroom must be used to measure the water pressure, you must be present at the time of the test, and the test time must be at least 30 minutes. The recommended one hour if conditions permit. If you ignore this important step, it will be more troublesome. In order to use it with confidence in the future and prevent the trouble of rework, it is still necessary to do this work personally.

The overall shower room manufacturer will fully plan the bathroom space without wasting a good place. To be honest, the bathroom area of ​​today's commercial houses is very small, and many people have a headache about where to put large-volume appliances such as washing machines. The overall shower room manufacturer teaches you to set up storage racks in the suspended position, above the toilet; plan wall-mounted storage cabinets above the washbasin, etc., to make full use of the three-dimensional space. You only need to plan reasonably and completely without worrying about crowding.