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Hotel toilet decoration requirements

1. Separate dry and wet completely

Five starHotel toiletIt is a kind of enjoyment for customers to use. The shower room will have glass partitions, and the separation of dry and wet is very complete. Therefore, in the bathroom of a five-star hotel, the dry and wet separation must be done first. This is often necessary. The transparent partition glass does not take up space and is very convenient to scrub. If the partition door is a sliding door, it must be opened outwards. In case someone takes a bath or slides, it is easy to enter for rescue.

2. Floor drain selection

The shower has a large drainage volume, and sticky objects such as hair, fibers, and dirt can simply block the floor drain. In severe cases, it may even return water and produce peculiar smells. The floor drain in the hotel bathroom has a large displacement, which is not easy to be blocked, and it is not likely to reverse sewage and foul smell.

Which floor drain should I choose?

The editor has listed 3 specifications: 1. Quick water launch, anti-blocking, anti-overflow; 2. Deodorization, anti-odor, and anti-pest; 3. Simple cleaning.

Because the toilet has a lot of drainage, it is recommended that you choose a water-sealed floor drain. The new type of water-sealed floor drain is better now, which drains quickly, has good odor and insect resistance, and has a long service life.

3. Light tube with beauty

We can find that the lights in the hotel bathrooms are warm yellow, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere when taking a bath, which will also leave a good image for customers.

4. Use it conveniently

Even in high-grade hotels, it is impossible to avoid washing some clothes in the bathroom. Modern tourists tend to carry less luggage, and many clothes that need to be washed are easy to wash and dry quickly. If there is no special drying Clothing equipment, then the wet clothes will hang on the furniture or other rack-like protrusions, which will make the furniture equipment wet, stained and damaged.

The ideal method is to install a clothesline that can be pulled out (with retractable springs) on the side near the bathtub. There are hooks on the rope that can be hung on the opposite wall, which will bring great convenience to guests. In addition to the basic equipment of the above bathroom, depending on the hotel level, some other equipment and services can be added, such as a weight scale, a toilet belt for women, a hair dryer, and toiletry products.

5. Selection of materials

Ceiling: Many hotel bathroom ceilings use waterproof gypsum board. In fact, it is not. We recommend using aluminum plate or other metal materials with rust and waterproof appearance, but do not use 600×600 or 300×300 concealed keel aluminum ceiling, because the equipment is repaired. It will be deformed due to manual disassembly.

Floor: Floor tiles in the bathroom should be slip resistant and stain resistant. White or other color waterproof glue is applied to the edges of floor and wall tiles, so that dirt has no place to hide. A waterproof stone board is installed on the ground under the door to enter the bathroom to prevent water from the bathroom from flowing into the room passage.

Mirrors: The mirrors in five-star hotels should be anti-fog, and the mirrors should be large, because the bathrooms are generally small, and the space is visually and psychologically spacious due to the reflection of the mirror. The clever use of mirrors in the bathroom will have an unexpected effect.