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The development of industrial production methods for integrated bathroom

Following the development and improvement of the plan, the overall bathroom has a new interpretation: it is an independent sanitary unit that completes various functions such as washing, bathing, grooming, and toileting in a limited space. It uses an integrated waterproof chassis, wall panels and top cover to form an overall structure, and integrates sanitary ware, bath furniture, bath screens, bathtubs, faucets, showers, tile accessories, etc. into one overall environment.

Most of the chassis, wall panels, ceiling, bathtub, vanity, etc. of the integral bathroom are made of composite materials. The composite materials are special materials for aircraft and spacecraft. The bathroom facilities in the integral bathroom have no dead-angle structure and are easy to clean. Overall, it has the advantages of energy saving, time saving, reasonable structure and good material.

Because each space is different. The concept of the overall bathroom is that it combines all your spaces and seals them. It has a lot of beauty. The real overall bathroom is a more casual and private bathroom space in the home. It should not be incompatible with the whole environment due to the patchwork of individual bathroom products. Customized bathroom is no longer the exclusive privilege of European aristocrats. Many middle-class people who are pursuing perfection also hope to satisfy their common desires through customized home furnishings. soIntegral bathroomIt is a new fashion for modern consumption, which can complete the two levels of enjoyment from daily needs to energy and pleasure, providing customers with a modern new bathroom experience integrating bathing, leisure, health care, fashion, warmth and sweetness.

In this regard, the industry believes that due to the relatively high market positioning of the overall bathroom, the corresponding customers have very high brand requirements for the products. It can be said to be a boutique bathroom. Therefore, not all sanitary ware brands are suitable for integral sanitary ware. The planning of any single sanitary ware product must be integrated into an overall environment with the same style, and this is the basis of customized sanitary ware. There are many high-quality guest houses and hotels that have integrated bathroom. Because it is very suitable for small spaces and not suitable for large spaces, integrated bathroom is more suitable for engineering projects.

2017 overall bathroom market survey analysis

There are many links in the overall sanitary ceramics industry chain. The upstream includes traditional sanitary ceramic materials, new materials for sanitary ceramics, hydraulic presses and other processing equipment, the midstream includes sanitary ware, hardware and other accessories, and the downstream includes retail terminals, engineering projects, and exports. Therefore, companies need to have a high level of resource integration capabilities and cannot have too obvious shortcomings.

The overall sanitary ceramics development is better in Japan. In Japan, the public has a high degree of tolerance for the overall sanitary ceramics, and the price is relatively reasonable. Half of the households can use 20% of their income to install an overall sanitary ceramic. According to the Foresight Industry Research Institute, the proportion of integrated sanitary ceramics installed in all types of houses in Japan has reached more than 80%.

Future development trend and development space of overall bathroom

The driving force for the increase of overall sanitary ceramics is that the consumption concept is very different when the new generation of young people grow up; the second is that under the general trend of consumption upgrade, residents pursue higher quality of life. Under the effect of two major factors, the market demand for overall sanitary ceramics will increase substantially, pushing the profession into a period of rapid growth.

As of the first half of 2017, the cumulative number of new housing starts in my country has increased by 14% year-on-year. However, in the second half of the year, real estate shopping malls have cooled down. It is estimated that the number of new housing starts for the year will increase by 10% to 11.73 million. From this point of view, the overall bathroom mall space is still considerable.

In the future, the overall sanitary ceramics should be developed and expanded, and lower prices are inevitable. However, this requires that the overall sanitary ceramics enterprises have the ability to control the industrial chain to meet the requirements of the integration of upstream and midstream resources to achieve the goal of reducing costs, thereby driving the increase of the overall sanitary ceramics market.