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Where is the renovation cost of the whole bathroom

Many people now choose to decorate the bathroom intoWhole bathroomThere are many advantages of the overall bathroom, I will not list them all. What we share today is the price of the whole bathroom that many people are very concerned about. The price of the whole bathroom includes hard equipment, sanitary ware and post-cleaning, etc. The editor has listed us a list of overall bathroom costs from 5 aspects. Friends in need Hurry up and collect it!

How much does it cost to decorate the whole bathroom

1. Demolition and modification costs

If the entire bathroom of the hotel needs to be demolished, part of the cost of demolishing and reforming must be paid. Many of the current commercial houses will have certain changes. In addition, the current labor costs are already high. The +clearance+ material transportation is removed, and the toilet decoration price will cost about 1,000 yuan. .

2. Wall tiles and floor tiles

Laying floor tiles in the bathroom first needs to be leveled on the ground, and the ground wall needs to be waterproofed, and the cost is about 900 yuan. Floor tiles, the price of floor tiles depends on the brand you choose, here is an ordinary calculation for you, the cost is about 100 yuan / square meter, 700 yuan. Wall tiles, wall tiles paving depends on the area of ​​the paving, about 2,000 yuan. If you are considering the health of your family and yourself and want to choose more expensive bricks, then the budget price will increase upward.

3. Ceiling cost

Because the bathroom is a special place, if it is slightly unclean, it will feel very dirty, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. The same is true for the ceiling. Regarding this situation, many families will choose a suspended ceiling. After the suspended ceiling, the bathroom is not only brighter, but also looks much cleaner. The treatment of the bathroom ceiling depends on the material used in the ceiling. The top waterproof gypsum board or gusset ceiling, the price starts at 500 yuan.

4. Sanitary ware costs

A very important part of the bathroom is the purchase and selection of sanitary ware. Sanitary ware can be said to play a major role in a bathroom. A toilet with a slightly better quality starts at around RMB 500. Showers start at 1,000 yuan, and floor drains start at 20 yuan. The faucet starts at 100 yuan, and the wash basin starts at 100 yuan. The bathroom cabinet starts at 500 yuan. All of these things are in a medium quality, if you want better quality, you can increase your budget. Add some other accessories 200, so that the total cost of sanitary ware in the bathroom decoration quotation is 2,420 yuan.

5. Finishing expenses

After finishing the bathroom decoration, cleaning is done. The cleaning management fee generally requires 200 yuan and above. If you want to save money, do it yourself, and it will be much cleaner if you do it yourself.