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Space planning of the whole bathroom

  Whole bathroomEven though it is small, it is necessary to pay attention to harmony and regularity in planning. The color selection of the "three major pieces" of sanitary ware must be consistent, and the bathroom space must be planned as a whole. Generally speaking, white sanitary wares will look elegant and healthy, and ivory yellow sanitary wares will appear rich and elegant. The lake-green sanitary ware looks natural and warm. The rose-red sanitary ware will be full of romantic and vivid colors, but anyway, as long as the three main colors of sanitary ware can echo the colors of the wall and floor, the whole bathroom can be harmonious and comfortable.

How to use bathroom components skillfully?

The decoration of sanitary space is to be safe and concise. Particular emphasis on safety is that when people are in the bathroom, the skin is exposed and the space is usually very narrow. Therefore, it is necessary to choose components with lubricated surfaces, no protrusions, and sharp corners to avoid the risk of scratching the skin. The emphasis on simplicity is due to people seeking cleanliness and relaxation.

Small beautification, hardware, lamps and even daily sanitary products can be used as decoration and embellishment of the bathroom. If the space permits, set up more evergreen plants, which can make people pleasing to the eye. The humid environment of the overall bathroom is also conducive to the growth of plants, but be careful not to choose well-designed plants to prevent injury. Daily necessities such as towels and cosmetic bottles are bright in color, so if they are placed properly, they can achieve better decoration effects. In addition, doors, windows, mirrors, faucets, handles and other components can also receive the "best of both worlds" effect if you pay attention to its function structure and decoration.

1. The architectural planning space of the bathroom matches the smaller installation scale of the overall bathroom.

2. The opening direction of the overall bathroom must be consistent with the opening direction of the building bathroom.

3. The side of the whole bathroom with ducts should be consistent with the position of the building's toilet duct well.

4. When the building is a bright toilet, you should negotiate with the product supplier to adjust the opening of the overall bathroom and the position of the accessories; when it is a dark bathroom, the building should be equipped with a shared exhaust duct that prevents backflow and gas flow. The overall toilet should be reserved for the installation of exhaust machinery and correspond to the exhaust outlet of the shared exhaust duct.

5. The floor drain should be installed on the floor of the whole bathroom. The depth of the floor drain water seal should not be less than 50mm. The anti-skid method and easy cleaning should be adopted. There should be no water on the floor after cleaning.

6. The rusty metal parts in the overall bathroom should not be exposed, and anti-rust treatment should be done if necessary; various electrical systems should be waterproofed.

7. The heating method and hot water system supply method of the integral toilet should be dealt with according to the detailed engineering.

8. The door of the integral bathroom should have the function of being opened from the outside in the event of an accident.