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Why more and more people choose to use the overall bathroom

  Integral bathroomThe main reason is that its molded chassis is integral, which is waterproof and leak-proof. Its high cost and many imitation features make it more used in airplanes and restaurant decorations. This advanced technology replaces the traditional method of plasterers sticking tiles to make bathhouses. This industrialized production method is the future development direction of bathhouses, just like the overall cabinets that appeared more than ten years ago. Industrialization replaces the technology paste system is a must for social progress.

With the development and improvement of the plan, the overall sanitary ware has a new interpretation: an independent sanitary unit that realizes washing, bathing, grooming, toileting and other functions in a limited space. It uses an integral structure consisting of an integrated waterproof chassis, wall panels and top cover, and integrates sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bath screens, bathtubs, faucets, flowers Sprinklers, tile accessories, etc. are all integrated into an overall environment.

The overall bathroom decoration is in place, using dry construction, without sand and cement, only screws and adhesives.

It avoids the trouble caused by incorrect selection of materials and improper decoration during construction, and makes people haveThe fun of DIY, two people can spend half an hour to a full day of work to complete the merits, greatly shortening the construction period.

1. The overall bathroom should seek effective use of space in structural planning, even if there are not enough bathrooms in the home2 square meters, there is also a corresponding integral bathroom to choose from.

2. The bathtub and the bottom plate of the integral bathroom are molded at one time without splicing gaps, which basically solves the problem of easy water leakage on the floor of ordinary bathrooms that has plagued many families.

3. The overall kitchen and bathroom is a complete product, which is planned completely according to ergonomic principles, which is more reasonable than traditional kitchen and bathroom decoration.

Scientific planning and exquisite workmanship complement each other, which can be expressed even in small places. For example, the bathroom facilities in the overall bathroom have no dead-angle structure and are easy to clean.

Most of the floor, wall panel, ceiling, bathtub, etc. of the overall bathroom are usedIt is made of SMC composite material. SMC is a special material for aircraft and spacecraft. It has good characteristics such as compact material, smooth surface, thermal insulation, anti-aging and long service life.

Compared with ordinary bathroom walls, it is easy to absorb moisture, and the surface is rough and difficult to clean. The advantages of the overall bathroom are quite significant.

As an innovative way of sanitary decoration treatment plan, overall bathroom planning has been widely used abroad. As people seek higher quality of life, overall bathroom will gradually become an indispensable and important part of overall home decoration , As time goes by slowly approaching thousands of households.