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Five advantages of one bathroom

We have all stayed in hotels. I don’t know if our experience is the same as mine. I personally think that the bed in the hotel is just the same, but the bathroom in the hotel is much better than other hotels. Let us introduce to usOne bathroomOwe it

Hotel useOne bathroomhow about it_Advantage 1: The chassis is formed at one time, completely preventing leakage and odor

One bathroom, Different from the traditional bathroom, there is no need for cement, yellow sand, or tile. The chassis is formed at one time, and there are raised edges around it. There is no need to do waterproofing to completely prevent leakage. After a year or two of traditional toilets, odors will appear, especially in summer. This is also related to the leakage of the toilet and the water absorption of the tiles. The waterproof chassis of all Huacai bathrooms has an odor-resistant floor drain, andThe SMC chassis does not absorb water and is very dry, which brings a fresh feeling to the bathroom.

Hotel useOne bathroomhow about it_Advantage 2: Fast and time-saving installation

One bathroom, It can be disassembled and assembled, which largely solves the shortcomings of traditional toilets, such as poor disassembly and assembly.

Hotel useOne bathroomhow about it_Advantage 3: Excellent materials, energy saving and environmental protection

The main materials such as the chassis and wall panels of all bathrooms are selectedSMC compositematerialMade,SMC is a high-tech environmental protection widely used in space shuttles, rockets, tank liners and other fieldsmaterial. Outside the wall panel isSMCmaterial, The center is a layer of insulation board, the thickness of the entire wall board is3 cm thick, thermal insulation in winter and summer, plus SMCmaterialNon-toxic, tasteless, and radiation-free, eliminating the need for traditional architecturematerialThe air pollution caused is beneficial to the health of the body.

Hotel useOne bathroomhow about it_Advantage 4: Quality assurance reduces after-sales service

One bathroom, The warranty period is one year. If it is not man-made damage, use30 years is not a problem.

Hotel useOne bathroomhow about it_Advantage five: light weight

One bathroom, Plus the entire wall, chassis, and internal sanitary ware, the weight does not exceed300 kg, which is very advantageous for the renovation of old buildings, steel structure houses, wooden villas, etc., not only in load-bearing, but also on and off the water. Because all bathrooms have no special requirements for water and water.