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Hotel toilet planning and advantages

  Hotel toiletThe layout of the plan: The independent toilet room makes it easier to open other areas. The toilet is a regular rectangle, and the open layout space penetrates each other, and together can make the space more open.

In recent years, the room size of many five-star hotels has reached 4.2 meters to 4.5 meters, and the depth is also more than 9 meters. With the increase of the room area, the bathroom layout can be more flexible and open, focusing on each independent unit. In other words, the layout of the hotel bathroom is also undergoing major changes due to the larger and larger area of ​​the bathroom, which is gradually liberating from the opaque square partition wall.

FRP materials have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, non-conductive, less recycling, lighter than steel, and high strength. In the early use of the entire bathroom, it is indeed dominant. In my country, more than 90% of FRP products are produced by hand lay-up. As early as 1974, my country Eastern Group produced the first FRP bathroom in my country.

The hotel bathroom is one of the important features that reflect the specifications of the hotel's overall hardware, and it requires satisfactory functional requirements. Strive for format innovation. The space changes and the vision is rich. And the professional specification of lighting efficiency. We divide the toilet into two areas: dry area and wet area. Four effects: shower, bathtub, toilet, washbasin (some hotel guest rooms and bathrooms have also added a dressing table effect). Unless you are satisfied with the above results, it is very important to use it conveniently. The division of dry and wet areas should be scientific, the flow line in the bathroom is smooth, and the guests are safe to use the bento.

The planning of the wet zone includes showers and bathtubs. The shower space in the hotel bathroom should be sealed, and the water should not spill outside when the guests take a bath. The position of the shower gel, soap box and hand shower, the length and height of the bathtub handle, and the treatment of bathtub overflow must be planned according to the requirements of ergonomics. The position of the hardware faucet of the bathtub should not hinder the behavior of the guests.

The effects of the dry area include toilets and hand washing stations. The setting of the hand washing stations has been supplemented with a small TV according to the original results. Of course, the magnifying glass, 110V connecting sockets, hair dryers, etc. are still reserved for the planners. The tricks that have been painstakingly done are the connection between ceramic washbasins and countertops, or the treatment of undercounter basins, or above counter basins, or half of the countertop and half of the countertop. Add a newspaper folder, telephone and SOS in the toilet space.