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Is the overall bathroom conducive to the cleaning of the toilet?

The so-called overall bathroom planning is an overall bathroom solution that includes top, bottom, walls and all bathroom equipment. Different from the traditional bathroom, the overall bathroom is a factory-formed one-time molding, exquisite, exquisite, and fully functional, saving the bathroom area, and avoiding the use of a bathroom heater, which is very clean and conducive to hygiene. The concept of the integrated bathroom originated from Japan. The integral bathroom is also called integral bathroom, integral bathroom, and system bathroom. The overall bathroom is conducive to cleanliness and hygiene.

Whole bathroomThe concept comes from Japan. The integral bathroom is also called integral bathroom, integral bathroom.

The traditional bathroom is slack in the decoration and equipment by masons, floor tiles, tiles, ceilings, sinks, sanitary ware, toilets and other slack purchases, and then equipment together. Traditional bathrooms need to be waterproofed on the ground before decoration. Assuming that the waterproofing is not in place, water seepage and water leakage will occur, and there will be sanitary dead corners at the junction of surface brick construction and equipment.

The overall bathroom room has many functions and the price is relatively high, usually it cannot be customized. The entire shower room with steam function is also known as the steam room. Heart disease, hypertension patients and children cannot use the steam room alone. Compared with all shower rooms, the simple shower room does not have a "roof" and has very rich styles. Its basic structure is a bottom basin or artificial stone bottom sill or natural stone bottom sill. The bottom basin has ceramic, acrylic, artificial stone, etc. , Plastic or tempered glass shower room is installed on the bottom sill or bottom basin. The tempered glass door is made of ordinary tempered glass, high-quality tempered glass, water wave tempered glass and cloth pattern tempered glass.

Electrostatic spray products (refer to solid spray products such as white, bone color, blue, yellow, red, purple, etc.); first of all, avoid direct sunlight and exploding sunlight, because resin materials and color base powders will have photosensitive reactions. The spray layer will fade; secondly, corrosive liquids or materials cannot be used for scrubbing; thirdly, rough materials (including toothpaste) cannot be used to scrub the appearance, and fourthly, sharp objects cannot be used to describe the appearance. If there are stains on the surface of the aluminum, please use a neutral wash to clean it with water and scrub it.

The whole bathroom electrostatic powder spraying is also called solid spraying. It uses resin-based materials (solid powder), which is adsorbed on the aluminum surface by electrostatic spraying, and then melted and fixed on the aluminum surface after high temperature baking. It has the advantages of non-toxic, odorless and non-polluting, beautiful appearance and strong customer selectivity. Now many products such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, etc. use this process for their appearance.