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Introduction to the five advantages of prefabricated toilets

Prefabricated toiletIt is a toilet that combines the overall planning of the base, ceiling, wall, toilet, wash basin, and bath, and integrates the three functions of bathing, toileting and washing. It is convenient and fast, stylish and beautiful, and high-quality. It is favored by chain hotels, white-collar apartments and holiday apartments. People's living conditions are better every month, and all toilets have gradually become popular in ordinary families and have been loved by more and more people. What are the advantages of prefabricated toilets that are loved by the majority of people? Let us take a look at its five advantages and witness the revolutionary achievements of the sanitary ware industry together.

1. Eliminate leakage. It has a flowing water gradient, and the actual device can adjust the level of irradiation without waterproofing. One-piece waterproof chassis, patented waterproof reverse edge and flowing water slope planning, no leakage risks. Integrated drainage floor drain, only need to connect the drainage pipe on site.

2. The structure is strong and reliable. Separate and independent from the structure of the building to achieve good load-bearing support.

3. Top-notch appearance strength. The appearance of SMC, stone and ceramic tiles have high appearance strength, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.

4. Comfortable IKEA. In a sense, the prefabricated bathroom obviously surpasses the traditional bathhouse. Its integrated feature integrates every part of the bathroom space into one, pleasing, pleasing to the eye and delighting. The skin feels fine, no cold discomfort, and good thermal insulation performance. The overall effect is good. Compared with traditional bathhouses, all bathrooms have better materials, more compact layout, and more emphasis on overall planning. Whether in color matching or space use, all bathrooms are carefully planned by planners. All the restrooms with reasonable layout and exquisiteness are displayed in front of consumers. The prefabricated bathroom not only looks beautiful, but is also convenient to install. The storage is neat, and the prefabricated bathroom integrates washbasins and other furniture. It can not only put some small daily necessities, but also hide the water pipes and wires in the bathhouse, making the bathhouse look neat and clean.

5. Simple installation and protection. Due to the overall structure, the chassis is directly fixed on the ground floor at the site. The construction is not affected by the season. Compared with wet work, the construction period is greatly shortened. The whole bathroom means that the sink, faucet, mirror, etc. are integrated into the whole environment in a limited space. All supporting products are supplied by one unit. This is the aspect of the prefabricated bathroom, which is convenient for the user to protect in the future. .