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What are the advantages of prefabricated toilets

Prefabricated toiletIt is a fast, convenient and comfortable bathroom product that is formed by the factory at one time and then assembled on site. The overall bathroom is small, exquisite, no leakage, complete functions and saves the bathroom area.

Introduction to the advantages and characteristics of prefabricated toilets

1. The prefabricated toilet adopts an integrated professional chassis, no waterproofing or cementing is required, which completely eliminates the hidden danger of leakage in the traditional toilet. Products of the same size can be made of pure SMC material, HCM Regent composite board and SMC combination, SMC material and tempered glass combination. At the same time, it can realize the perfect unity of industrialization and individualization according to the needs of different users. It can also be equipped with washing machines, hair dryers, heating, etc.

2. The prefabricated toilets adopt dry construction, which is simple and quick: on-site assembly, efficiency is greatly improved, 2 workers can install 4 to 5 sets in only one working day, effectively shortening the construction period. The environmentally friendly materials have reached the tableware level, and will not pollute the environment during the production and assembly process, and there will be no construction waste.

3. Compared with traditional toilets, the prefabricated toilets are clean, dry, and odor-free, without sanitary corners, and the floor material is not easy to slip; it does not accumulate moisture, absorbs moisture, is dry and does not produce odors, and is very convenient to clean.

4. The frame of the whole bathroom is mostly made of HCM/SMC composite material, which has the advantages of compact material, smooth surface, heat insulation, anti-aging and long service life.

5. The overall bathroom room is guaranteed for up to 20 years and provides lifetime service. Prefabricated toilets certainly have a lot of dazzling performance, but for many reasons, their use in our country is still very low. In the future, the overall sanitary industry will have a long way to go in our country. I hope that this will be driven by the changes in people's consumption concepts. Popularity of the product.