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Hotel toilet revolution

For hotel employees, hotel toilets play a decisive role in guest rooms. The management of toilets has become the focus and difficulty of hotel guest rooms management, and the guest room toilets are more dissatisfied. How to create a system that not only allows managers to worry and rest assured, but also makes customers satisfied and freeHotel toiletWhat about the environment?

The selection of bathroom is closely related to the future benefits of the hotel. The production and launch of the integrated bathroom undoubtedly solved the three problems of investors, managers and consumers.

1. The SMC material used in the overall bathroom has the advantages of high tensile strength, non-aging, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good heat preservation. It can be used continuously for more than 20 years, and the color is still new, without the need for traditional bathroom facilities like those used in general hotels. The equipment needs to be updated in five or six years, saving the cost of updating and avoiding unnecessary repeated investment.

2. Including the planning scheme in the design can save the investment in the bathroom floor waterproof treatment, and also save the investment in bathroom walls, doors, interior decoration and other items. Sewage discharge holes are reserved in the design, and different layers of drainage are adopted, which is convenient to use, saves water pipes, and reduces construction volume and quality risks.

3. The overall sanitary ware has a reasonable design, compact structure, arc transition of all parts, no sanitary corners, easy to clean, and its cleaning workload is less than half of traditional sanitary ware. For this reason, it is not good for the number of room sanitation and cleaning staff to be reduced, which not only saves costs, but also facilitates management.

4. All the parts and accessories of the overall bathroom are produced by well-known companies, and the space is very user-friendly, which can save a lot of manpower, material resources and energy consumption.

5. The advanced nature of the overall sanitary materials makes it unnecessary to use any special tools and special cleaning and maintenance agents in the cleaning process, and the cleaning can be completed with general neutral soapy water, which is really more, faster, better and less expensive.

6. The water consumption for bathing and toilet in the whole bathroom is only half of the traditional one. The unique pressure regulating design of plumbing fittings solves the long-term unsolvable noise problem of the water tank and the problem of water leakage in the toilet.

7. There are many brands of traditional sanitary ware, such as wall tiles, floor tiles, ceilings, plumbing accessories, etc., complex procurement channels, integrated sanitary ware design, high-quality after-sales service, and easier overall management.