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Integrated bathroom wholesale

Integrated bathroom wholesale

Product Details

1. Green

No harmful gases such as formaldehyde, no radioactive elements of tiles, no radiation pollution, no ignorance, ready to use.

2. Durable

Durable: SMC has a aging period of more than 30 years, which can ensure the service life of the integrated bathroom for at least 20 years, far exceeding the life cycle of ordinary home decoration.

Sturdy: After the SMC is subjected to high temperature and high pressure, the molecular structure becomes extremely compact, the material has no micropores, and the pressure capacity is strong.

Stability: SMC is resistant to acid and alkali, high temperature, and no deformation or discoloration after 100 hours of testing in a water bath at 80°C.

3. Do not leak

The integrated toilet waterproof plate is formed by one-time molding, with a unique flanging lock water design, which will never leak and completely eliminate the dripping and leakage problems of traditional toilets.

4. Safety insulation

SMC material has good insulation, non-conductivity, safe and reliable use.

The company also produces hospital toilets, elderly apartment toilets,Whole bathroom, Integral bathroom and other products, welcome to consult.